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The Best in Expansion Joint Products Help Your Business

Elaborate piping systems need to be designed with the necessary flexibility to handle movement caused by such factors as vibration, thermal changes, or the movement of equipment. This is true of virtually all industrial piping systems, whether they conduct water, gas, steam, oil or any chemical products. Pressure and temperature may vary greatly in any given system.

In order to provide this flexibility, expansion joint products are needed to protect the integrity of the system. Sometimes a piping system needs metal expansion joints and sometimes fabric expansion joints are called for. In either case careful engineering and manufacturing ss necessary in order to get a high quality solution to the expansion joint needs of your business.

While a wide variety of metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, and metal bellows joints are manufactured to meet most requirements, it is not uncommon to have the manufacturer specially design solutions to fit unique business needs. If your organization is in the market for any of these products you'll want to use a top-rated company that uses the latest in technology to design expansion joints or metal bellows to your exact specifications. You also want to be assured that any product you buy meets the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, (EJMA) minimum requirements. The variety of products offered on the market today is designed to meet the needs of any piping system your business may have. Unrestrained assemblies include Single Expansion Joint Assemblies, Universal Expansion Joint Assemblies, and Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints. The product line of restrained assemblies includes Tied Single Bellows Assemblies, Tied Universal Assemblies, Hinged Bellows Assemblies, and Gimbel Bellows Assemblies.

Each of these products meets a specific need. There is also a wide group of specialty expansion joint products available in today's market including those for the aerospace industry, heat exchangers, Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units, and many more. These specialty products come in both metal and fabric designs and the pressure tolerance for these products ranges from full vacuum to 2000 psig. Any company making these products should maintain a strong commitment to excellence and stand 100% by its products. The entire line of products is usually guaranteed to be free of any defects in both workmanship and material.

In addition, the companies often guarantee that products will be repaired or replaced if any defects occur within one year of installation or eighteen months of delivery. If you're in need of expansion joint products you can start the process by getting a quote from a good company for your products regardless of the applications you need them for. Most of these businesses are members of the EJMA and all of their products meet at least the minimum EJMA requirements. The expansion joint industry is highly specialized and if you're in need of any products for your piping system you want to get the best available on the market.

Don't be pressured into settling for anything less.

For more information about Metal Expansion JointsandMetal Bellows Expansion Joints, visit Expansion Joint Systemsat


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