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USB is Faster But Parallel is Fine
Until recently, the most common method for connecting the two was through the parallel port. Today, however, most printers come with USB ports rather than parallel ports. USB ports are a lot faster, and a single port can handle several different devices. But don't throw away your parallel-port printer yet.

Unleash Your Printer
Wireless print servers are liberating printers everywhere, allowing users to print from anywhere in the house. From PC Magazine, reviews of six wireless print servers.

What is Duplex Printing?
If you do a lot of printing on both sides of your paper, and you're getting tired of putting all your documents through the printer twice, then you may want to consider a printer that does it for you.

What Features Should I Look For In An All-in-One?
All-in-one devices (also called multifunctions) are not necessarily created equal. There are a number of different features that you might find in an all-in-one that can affect both its usefulness and its price. Here are a rundown of what you should look for -- and what you may not need.

The Five Best Laser All-in-Ones
Now that laser printers have come down in price and size, there are a number of affordable, efficient, and fast laser all-in-ones (i.e. multifunctions) on the market. These useful devices offer printing (sometimes in color), copying, scanning, and occasionally faxing for home and small offices.

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