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Tested Stun Guns What Are Stun Guns And How Do They Work

Stun Guns are easy to use, non-lethal, defensive devices with interesting technology. A stun gun is a hand-held, battery-powered device designed to deliver an electric shock to an assailant. The electrical current is the same sort of current used to run your car or any battery operated apparatus.

Stun Guns are not guns in the traditional sense, because they do not shoot anything or anybody. Their technology allows them to be a potent and portable choice of self defense weapon. A Stun Gun has two prongs at the end of the device.

Touching an assailant with the prongs and pulling the trigger will create an electrical current to go from the prongs through the garments of the attacker into his body. The pulsed current causes muscles to work super fast, quickly depleting them of needed blood sugars. It also interrupts the microscopic neurological stimulus that controls muscle movement. The results are disorientation and loss of balance. The complete process takes only a few seconds. It can immobilize a person for up to 30 minutes.

A Stun Gun will cause your assailant to lock up and collapse. The results of being zapped with a Stun Gun are comparable to running a 25-mile marathon; the attacker just does not have any energy left. It is for this reason that this device gives you plenty of time to get away. Stun Guns are not hard to use. To use a Stun Gun you need simply to grab your assailant, shove the Stun Gun into his torso and shoot. This will only take a second or so, depending on the sum of voltage in your Stun Gun.

Even though the voltage can be as high as 625,000 or more, the amperage is low, so it will not cause any permanent injury to the person who receives the shock. There is no proof that the electrical charge of the Stun Gun has adverse psychological or neurological effects. The effect on the heart or other major organ is very insignificant. Most models include a safety switch to prevent accidental activation. The unit cannot produce a shock unless the safety switch is activated AND the On/Off switch is turned ON. Stun Guns will not permanently injure or kill anyone because of the voltage.

The technology used makes Stun Guns, at close range, extremely effective self-protection devices.

Bill Wallmuller is the founder of Merokee Enterprises. Two of the author's concerns are personal safety and crime prevention. You can learn more by visiting the Website:


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Tested Stun Guns What Are Stun Guns And How Do They Work - Stun Guns are easy to use, non-lethal, defensive devices with interesting technology.


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