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Poker History

Poker history is not really clear until this date and it is quite confusing. There are different stories and assumptions justifying the origin of poker games. However, the age of poker can be dated back to before several thousand years.

The current poker should have been changed and modified from many card games that were practiced in each country. With trade practices, the idea of card games should have spread between kingdoms and should have gradually proceeded to one standard style with improvement in communication. Poker history and poker games have developed through years. It was once the game of thieves, pirates, and for people without much moral ethics.

Poker history was closely associated with smoke filled rooms and street side clubs. The whole picture of poker is changing these days, smoker free playing environment, professional commentaries, world poker championships, poker training and it has become a skill game. Today's poker is tomorrow's poker history and it seems to have features to receive a welcome from all classes of people. People are simply beginning to love poker. Poker history tracks back to times when the game was played with real money, later on it was replaced with clay chips and now it has graduated to being played with metal chips, plastic chips etcetera. The traditional concept of money and bet still remains, but it has just undergone some modifications in betting structure and strategies.

Poker history has expressed probability from the following:- ? "Domino cards" that were used by the Chinese ? "As Nas" Persian card games ? "Ganjifa" Indian card games ? "Poque" French card games ? "Primero" Spanish card games These are some of the common card games associated with games tracking back to old age resemblance to poker. The poker history relating to the term poker is also quite confusing and related to many things like:- ? The name could have been because it was played by pickpockets it is called poker ? Could have been derived from the Indian term Pukka ? Could have been derived from the French term Poque ? Could have been derived from the German term Pochspiel ? Could have been derived form the words used by magicians like hocus-pocus What ever could be the poker history, there is one thing common in all these games and that is betting and tricking to win the game. All other forms of poker games are not widely played in every country. The current age card game with 52 decks is being played throughout the world these days.

Sam Wilson is an expert in the history of card games on the net. He can teach you all there is to know about poker.


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