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One Of Many Broadband Options

Aol broadband is the only provider that gives you the choice of connecting to a high speed broadband package. The broadband connection is also available via cable modem. Home computers are connected to internet by a cable modem and in the process NTLīs cable network is used. Often one wonders if the broadband connection will affect the telephone service or not.

The best thing about the connection is that you can be online and you can use the phone at the same time. If you choose the Aol ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) product the Aol broadband in a Box Package will contain special filters that plugs in the normal phone socket to allow one to use the phone and be online at the same time. If you choose the broadband cable product there is no need of using filter on the telephone line since the broadband connection is delivered via cable modem and not the telephone line. To get Aol Broadband Gold one needs to have either a BT phone line or be the inhabitant of NTL broadband enabled area.

The Aol broadband access is subjected to local availability and capacity levels and the landlordīs permission. However there are certain requirements needed for the PC. Windows 98 Second Edition Windows, Windows 2000, at least a Pentium 233MHz processor, at least 64MB system memory, a spare USB port for Aol broadband Gold or a spare Ethernet port for Aol broadband Platinum.

If there are certain services like ISDN home highway it is not possible to get this broadband service. For the Aol broadband cable product none of these restrictions are present. If you install this broadband via an existing BT phone line there is no need of permission as long as phone line is in your name. NTL engineers installs the cable modem if you choose the broadband cable product.

Then Aol broadband software is installed and one can start to enjoy the broadband features and benefits. No connection fee is needed for the modem or router. Payment is a monthly subscription fee due to access to Aol and internet via your broadband connection. The Aol broadband Silver and Aol broadband Gold Box will contain a single broadband modem, three filters, CD that contains modem driver software plus your software, all cables that you need and certain easy step by step guide of how to install. Aol Platinum needs wireless contains router, three filters, a CD containing software, all cables that one needs and a guide of how to install.

Keith George always writes about valuable news & reviews. A related resource is AOL Broadband Further information can be found at Tips & News


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