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NTLDR stands for "New Technology Loader". It is the new loader for all Windows NT Operating Systems. It is the loader that actually loads the operating system from the Hard Drive.

All versions of Windows up to Windows XP uses this new type of loader to start the Operating System. In order for NTLDR to function correctly it must use two separate files: * NTLDR (Which contains the main boot loader) * Boot.ini (configuration options for the boot loader) The "boot.ini" file allows the user to choose which Operating system they would like to run and startup. This file is usually has a hidden and locked file type attribute to keep users from either, accidently deleting this file, or accidently changing some of the values contained inside, because if these values are changed they can cause major problems when the Operating System goes to load.

These files are usually found on the Hard Disk its self, but sometimes can be stored on portable media such as CD-ROM and Flash Drives. Windows Operating System Start up (Quick Steps) 1. Access the File System 2. boot.

ini is read, and prompts the user 3. If NT based OS is selected, then the NTLDR reads the computers hardware information and starts the OS normally. If a non-NT based OS is selected, then NTLDR loads files from that is listed in the boot.ini file and gives this OS the full control.

Mary Hill writes on topics such as NTLDR , Add a User to Windows and Blue Screen of Death for The Tech FAQ.


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