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MYOB Accounting MYOB Accounting Alternatives

MYOB Accounting is best choice for small and medium size industries, however, for company with a development team, it seems less suitable for 5 reasons: Reason #1 - Pay expensive license fees. The software itself required the business to pay for each client user, for company with many clients, this would cost a lot! The development team can develop their own accounting system that fully customize to the company needs without require to pay a penny for license. Reason #2 - Not customizable.

In-house developer will need to create other programs just to work around with the standard software, MYOB Accounting will only allow customizable reporting, for more serious data passing, authorized SDK are required from the developer. Reason #3 - Less scalable. MYOB database proprietary to themselves only, when you try to move on SQL databases, this is not possible! With the source code based accounting system, developer is using Microsoft SQL server, which scale from desktop to networking to multi-tier design, all without modification to the database! Reason # 4 - Faster delivery. In long term, standard software will not deliver the requested function in the shortest time, because it requires more interfacing work; While source code based systems will give the developer the highest flexibility they need to customize the system.

Reason #5 - Access data at local. All data cannot be access through Internet, while the 3-tier source code based accounting allow user to access their data through dial up Internet connection, greatly increase the concept of "access data anywhere anytime"! Unless your company is big enough to have the in - house development team development team, MYOB accounting will still remain your best choice for small and medium size company. I would strongly recommend developer to consider alternative accounting if they have software developer. Copyright 2008 - Cynics Software.

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Cynics Software provides the good alternative to MYOB Accounting with Source Code Accounting System, download the sample VB.NET General Ledger today!


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