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Mustangs and Fast Fords Popular Sport Cars

When we talk about 'Ford' several car models come to mind and many times people think of Jaguar, Mustang and Aston Martin as separate companies but the fact is that they're not. These 3 car models or lines are owned by 'Ford' and all 3 lines produce fast cars. Jaguar is more of a luxury car but certain models break this stereotype and show sport features, the same thing can be said of Aston Martin.

Mustang is a car model which needs little introduction. It has been one of the favorite cars for many drivers all across the world, its highly customizable exterior as well as its power attracts car enthusiasts of all ages. The first generation of Mustangs created a great buzz in the automotive industry and car lovers. Up to this date, the first generation of Mustang keeps drawing attention because of their unique design, power and recent modifications which add more character to a very attractive driving machine. Mustang is also planning to use eco-friendly materials to produce their car parts.

Soy (as in soy beans) will be the base product used to manufacture Mustang's paint, molded parts and even seat foams. Jaguar on the other hand is all about style and luxury but in 1991 the Jaguar XJR-15 was released to the market. This particular model shattered the stereotype which classified Jaguars as luxury cars only, this sports model resembles a Corvette but it has its unique features. The XJR types were in fact used in World Sport-car Championships, so seen from any angle this is a fast Ford model. Aston Martin is a car on a league of its own. While Ford owns 20% of the company which started as part of the Premier Automotive Group (division of Ford) it recently was purchased (march 2007) by a British consortium for only GBP 479 million.

This car model started as a luxury car but later on evolved into a luxury-sports car which was featured in the most recent '007 James Bond' movie 'Casino Royale'. The actual model of the car is a DBS V12, this car's power comes from a hand made 6.0 V12 engine originally from the DBR9 racing car delivering 510 bhp and accelerating from 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds which places it among the world's fastest cars. Whether it is on a subdivision or on an official branch of Ford, luxury and sport cars are made to leave car enthusiasts breathless.

As time goes by technology evolves and new designs and power is fused in top-notch driving machines, it is very exciting to think what the future holds for this industry.

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