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Even You Can Create Your Own Software

What is stopping you from writing your own computer software? Do you think it will be too difficult? Do you think you will have to learn a new programming language? Do you believe that it would be boring? If you have ever thought to yourself "I wish I could make my computer do ." or thought "I wish I could automate this task on my computer" then you are on your way to becoming a computer programmer. Now, before you stop reading and think that computer programing is only for geeks and nerds, let me assure you that anyone can learn to program their computer. You can automate tasks and even create simple utilities that will save you lots of time and work.

The key to creating your own software is choosing a development tool that you find intuitive and easy to use. Many programming languages now have development environments that include drag and drop components that let you build windows and much of the program without actually writing any code. Many languages, like BASIC and all its flavors, were designed with beginners in mind.

These languages are relatively simple to learn compared to others. Additionally, there are many low-cost compilers available on line. Recently a few programming tools have cropped up that allow you to make very simple software programs without any programming at all. These programs however are very limited in what they can accomplish.

Most of these types of programs simply alter a template that you create in a text file. While these types of so-called development tools can, with a little imagination, allow you to create simple programs, they are not really robust enough to be considered true programming utilities. Finally, you need to choose a programming language and development program that you can "connect" with. Sometimes a language just will not "click" for you, while another may come more naturally.

By trying out several different options you can find the one that offers you the best combination of ease of use and flexibility. While it may seem like an overwhelming idea at first, creating software is something that just about anyone can do. It takes a little patience at first and the ability to handle some trial and error, but it is possible for you to become a computer programmer. Remember, decide what your goals are and seek out a programming tool that is both flexible and easy to use. Spend a little time learning the basics and soon you will be able to create your own computer programs.

James Pearson is the creator of the website where you can find a robust programming utility that allows you to create real software programs without learning a programming language and a step-by-step video tutorial series.


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