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DVD Ripper Programs What Do You Need

Why should you get a DVD ripper program? Well, if you own a portable multimedia player, such as an iPod, a Zune or a PSP, you know that playing videos on your portable multimedia player any time you want and anywhere you want is great. However, buying videos to play specifically on your portable player can be expensive. If you want to save yourself some money, you can actually copy DVDs that you already own over to your portable multimedia device. All you need to do that is the proper DVD ripper program.

A DVD ripper program is a software program which will let you rip your DVDs to a format that your portable player can recognize and play. When you are choosing a DVD ripper program, you will probably want one that is capable of converting your DVD movie files to MP4 format. Most portable multimedia players these days, including iPhones, Zunes, iPods and PSPs are only compatible with MP4 format files. Although that is one of the most important things to look for, it is far from the only thing.

You have a number of things to consider when buying or downloading a DVD ripper program. You will first want to consider the specifications of the DVD ripper program. Speed is a big issue. After all, would you want to spend all day ripping a single DVD? Of course not! So, try to choose a DVD ripper program that can rip DVDs at a decent speed. This is especially important if you are planning to use the program all the time. A few minutes of speed here and there adds up after several DVD ripping sessions.

So, a lot depends on how often you plan to rip DVDs. Another important thing to look for when you are choosing a DVD ripper program is whether or not it supports both batch and full mode. This features is really important when you are ripping DVDs with episodes on them. IF you use batch mode to rip the DVD, rather than full mode, you have the option to select which chapters of the DVD to rip, or, in the case of TV series, which episodes to rip. This will allow you to carry your favorite programs with you on your favorite MP3/Mp4 device wherever you go (instead of having to carry a DVD player around!). Last, but not least, be sure to look at the ease of use of the DVD ripper program.

You'll want to choose a DVD ripper program that seems fairly easy for you to operate. After all, even if it has all the features you require, it does you no good if you can't figure out how to use them. By following these tips and using your best judgment, you will be able to choose the perfect DVD ripper program for you. So, you can enjoy hours of your favorite DVDs on your portable multimedia player any time you like.

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