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Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors

In the past 5 years or so, cell phone technology has increased and human use of the cell phone has grown rapidly world wide. By the year 2003 it was estimated that 700 million people around the world were using cell phones - and that number only continues to grow. Since the number of cell phone users is at such a large amount, increasing worry about health concerns is becoming an issue. The concern for brain tumors caused by cell phone radiation technology surfaced in the early ninety's when someone claimed that they had a brain tumor caused by cell phone use.

This case was however dismissed due to lack of evidence, but extensive research has been going on ever since. Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation in order to transmit sounds. The amount of RF's that are directly coming into contact with a person depend on several factors which include the distance you are from the base station, the length of the call and the age of the cell phone (older ones emit more RF's than newer ones).

There has been studies done in the past to detect any link between brain tumors and cell phone use, however none of the studies have proved to be substantial enough to prove any real evidence. Some people suggest using hand-free cell phone models since they are not pressed against the head, creating less exposure to your brain. There is no proof however that this is safer or not. While there remains no proof that cell phones can cause brain tumors, you should try to lower your RF exposure if you are worrying about it. Try using a home or office phone instead of your cell phone if you are going to be making an extensive call. Or, if you have to use your cell phone for long periods at a time, try getting a head set, or holding your phone farther away from your head.

Cell phone technology has virtually only been around for a decade, so it is really impossible for scientists to get any long term information on the health hazards that cell phones may influence. Right now, there is little evidence to suggest that cell phones cause any type of long term damage, main thing to remember, is only time can tell. This article was not intended to cause panic or distress, its just hear for interest. By no means do I bash cell phone companies.

Thanks for your understanding.

Author Barney Garcia is a proud contributing author and enjoys writing about many different topics. Please visit my web sites @ Online Technology Source and Migraine Headaches


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