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Digital Cameras What To Expect From A Point And Shoot Digital Camera

If you prefer to keep your photography simple then a point and shoot digital camera is for you. Now before you think you are going to be getting some substandard camera, let me reassure you that point and shoot cameras can take great quality photos. And, as the camera technology develops, point and shoot cameras are becoming of more interest to the serious photographer as well.

Of course, the advanced point and shoot cameras are juts a bit more expensive than your normal ones, which is why they are aimed at the serious hobby photographer. But, for your normal family photos a compact point and shoot digital camera is ideal. Following is a brief rundown of what you can expect from a point and shoot digital camera. One of the main factors to having a good digital camera is its shutter speed, and this is what people used to believe was the downside of a point and shoot as opposed to a SLR digital camera. But as technology has evolved your standard compact camera has managed to decrease the delay of the shutter and you can now get higher quality photos.

The one downside that still remains with point and shoot cameras is that when you zoom, you are not getting a lens zoom, but merely enhancing the digital image. What this means is that when you come to print the image, it can appear distorted. If this bothers you then you may have to look at using a SLR camera. In the olden days of photography your image was on film. Nowadays your image is on the memory card, and for that reason it is important that your memory card has enough storage for your needs, especially if you are going on vacation and will be unable to save your photos onto your computer. On the whole though if most of your pictures are taken when you are in your home town you do not need to worry about the memory card too much as you can put them on your computer the same day that you take them.

Admittedly when you first start to look into memory cards you may find it a little bit confusing, but if you tell the person you are buying from how you intend to use the camera, they should be able to advise you on the right type of card to get. Finally, one of the last big advantages of digital compared to normal photography is that if you make a mistake with the picture you are taking, you can retake the shot straight away without waiting for it to be developed and then seeing your mistake and not being able to do anything about it. If you are new to the world of digital cameras then one of the words you are bound to have come across is megapixel. Basically for a normal point and shoot, to get good quality you want a camera with three mega pixels as a minimum. Although these days, when you go to buy your camera you will find that most point and shoots have at least 3 or 4 mega pixels anyway.

Now it is possible to buy a point and shoot with a lot more mega pixels, however if your camera is just for family snaps and vacations, going after more mega pixels is not going to make that much difference, except to your bank account.

The great thing about your point and shoot camera is that as a novice photographer, it is going to allow you to take great quality photographs. Also, if you are on vacation or at a social event your point and shoot camera is compact enough for you to carry around without feeling as if you are carrying a suitcase around all day. And if you want to find a good camera at a decent price, then I can think of nowhere better to start looking for one then at


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