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Brodit Proclip Convenience for Safer Driving

We've all been there. You're driving along in rush-hour and your cell phone starts ringing. It's ringing alright, but where the heck is it?! Oops! Now, because you were so busy trying to keep your eyes on the road while braking and accelerating along with the traffic, looking for your phone at the same time, you missed your exit. So now, on top of everything else, you're lost. You breathe a sigh of relief as you remember your GPS navigator. But wait a minute - that helpful little direction-finder was mounted to your dash a minute ago - so where is it? Then you realize it must've went flying loose while you were frantically searching for your phone and is now somewhere down on the floor under the passenger seat, or maybe even lodged into the back seat.

Great. Now you've got to maneuver through the combat zone of that high-traffic, four-lane highway so you can pull over and get re-situated. Sound familiar? Well, with so many different electronic devices being utilized in today's busy modern lifestyles, it's no wonder that we can't keep things as organized as we'd like, especially while driving. But the good news is, there is a line of very helpful products on the market that make life and driving so much easier - and safer. A Solution Within Your Reach Developed by Brodit AP in 1983, the Proclip line of dash-mounted, vehicle device holders offer a great assistance in the quest for organization and convenience while remaining safe on the roadways. These heavy-duty, heat-resistant plastic products come in a wide assortment, are reasonably priced and a clip right onto your dash in minutes.

Brodit Proclips are designed with the utmost convenience in mind. They are available not only for particular electronic device styles, but are also geared for specific car models as well. No matter what type of vehicle your drive - car, truck, van or RV - you can purchase Proclips for your: - Cell Phone - Smartphone - iPod / MP3 Player - PDA - GPS Navigator - Satellite Radio - Two-Way Radio Security Equals Dependability One of the best features of the Brodit Proclip is that unlike the unreliable suction cup mounting designs of other hand-held device holders, Proclips snap securely into place - once mounted, they stay put! And there is no need for dismantling of the dash either. Installation couldn't be easier as they simply clip onto any panel sections of the dashboard for a tight fit and will not become loose unless manually removed. An Assortment of Accessories Didn't think it could get better? Well, there is also a full line of accessories available for even further convenience and organization that include adapters, chargers, extension plates and customized cases. Entirely accommodating, the Brodit Proclip Move Clip Kit provides for easy rearrangement of your electronics by allowing you to move two or more devices around with the use of only dashboard mount.

You can also switch out your devices from one vehicle to another. Other variations of these user-friendly holders are designed to fit devices equipped with belt clips and/or buttons as well. Adjustable console mounts are also available as are hands-free and swivel-styles. There are padded holders and even a travel mount kit that's perfect for use in rental vehicles.

Enjoy the drive with any of the Brodit Proclips, the too-common act of fumbling around, looking for your electronics while driving is completely eliminated. All of your devices will now be conveniently secured, within arm's reach, right from your seat.


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